At Alert Level 2, osteopaths are allowed to conduct face-to-face consultations.  However, there may still be some community transmission of COVID-19, so an extremely high level of vigilance is required.

At Marlborough Osteopaths, in order to keep patients, staff and their respective whanau safe, we will implement the following protocol for the duration of Alert Level 2:

  • When booking an appointment, patients will be screened for COVID-19, which will be in the form of COVID-19 related questions.  Patients will also be advised that if they develop symptoms between booking and attending, they must cancel the appointment. They (and any support person) will be re-screened (as previously) on arrival at clinic.
  • Patients will be required to sanitise or wash their hands on entering the clinic.
  • Seats in the waiting room have been placed over one metre apart to maintain social distancing.
  • All magazines have been removed from the waiting room – as have toys from the treatment rooms.
  • Practitioners will open and close treatment room doors for patients.
  • Patients will have the option of wearing a face mask and/or they can ask their practitioner to wear one.
  • Patients will be treated on bare plinths, couch roll or can bring their own towels if they wish. A disposable barrier layer will be used on top of pillows.
  • The plinth, furniture and equipment in the treatment rooms, will all be cleaned with hospital grade disinfectant between each consultation.
  • Practitioner will – as they always do – wash their hands thoroughly between consultations.
  • We now have payWave and payment can be made with debit or credit cards.
  • Patients over 70 and those with underlying health conditions will be contacted prior to any face-to-face consultation to discuss the situation. Consultations will occur if they are symptom free, do not have underlying health issues and are content with the clinic’s protocol. Practitioners will wear a face mask when treating patients in this category.  Telehealth consultations are still available as an alternative.
  • NO walk-in appointments will be available; patients must call or book online first.

There will be slightly fewer appointments in the day to enable cleaning in between appointments and to ensure that patients get a full consultation.  In addition, to enable maintenance of social distancing, appointments will be staggered by 5 minutes to try to avoid potential congestion in the waiting room.

Alert Level 2